La Joya del Valle de Ricote

The Jewel of the Ricote Valley is a recently converted Luxury Eco-Finca surrounded by 275,000m2 of Lemon and Orange groves. Over the years I’ve always cycled past it and admired its size and prime idyllic location in the Valle de Ricote. Having met Llanos and Asis the owners and designers of La Joya, I can confirm that their attention to detail and roots within the Valle are second to none.

La Joya is a perfect location for couples, small families (with kids over 14) or groups of friends that want to experience a place with a true reflection of what Murcia has to offer. It has been thoughtfully put together and a high level of personal service is assured. I can confidently say that your time here will provide you with a real insight into the simplicities, quality and luxuries of local rural life here in the Valle.

Llanos and Asis have travelled the world, worked and met in NY City and came back to the Valle to provide 3 self-designed Luxury suites:

A) La Palmera and El Cactus are two adjoined suites in the main guest house.

El Cactus provides a one Bedroom suite with a Queen size bed and private terrace.

  La Palmera provides a two bedroom suite with a canopy Queen size bed and the other with twin single beds. Click on the link for details.

B) La Haymah de Ibn Arabí (A Berebe Haymah).

The Berebe Haymah has been transported from its place of origin and reinforced to the highest construction standards. It provides an authentic one bedroom luxury Arabic experience.  Click on the link for its full details.