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We are happy to announce that we are currently setting up a little traditional English Bicycle shop in the centre of Murcia City here opposite Carrefour ZaraicheThis is one of few places with free parking opposite and is only two minutes walk across a path to the shop.

We will stock BMX bikes-Folding Bikes-Classic Urban British bikes- MTB- Road bikes- TTbikes. All will be available “A la Carte” built to your spec with the option to come into the workshop and built the bike together. The shop will be support the community through various classes in Spanish/English and throughly encourage the use of cycling as a means of normal transport throughout the city.

We will continue with training routes and facilities based more inland in Archena as it provides a richer and more authentic experience of training in Spain. We will encourage shop training rides every week and hopefully be able to sponsor local teams soon. A lot of people have suggested to me years ago to open a shop, but I was too busy enjoying the open road, the path less travelled on a bike, thanks for everybody’s patience, we hope to provide the best shared bike experience a local shop can give. The closest example of this can be seen in this video, the Inverted bike shop in NY:

Speedplay Zero pedal bearings replacement

Had a broken spindle bearing for a while now and finally got around to changing it, I’m of the type to DIY and understand how things work/wear out/come apart anyway:


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Albacete 2014

Todays plan A was to meet some cyclists in Albacete, after today’s Stage 8, but we’ve ended up in EuroBike, Germany… damn Garmin GPS… I’ve always joked with my Tri-athlete friend up there, thats it’s cold and windy in Albacete, what more is there? but having been invited to see a photo exhibit there earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised. The huge park in the middle of the city proved to be a breath of fresh air, the food was excellent, it wasn’t a main tourist area route…. and the local people speak in “a quietly spoken voice”;D. Will be back to explore the flat lands around it.