Speedplay Zero pedal bearings replacement

Had a broken spindle bearing for a while now and finally got around to changing it, I’m of the type to DIY and understand how things work/wear out/come apart anyway:


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Broken Speedplay Zero needle bearings/broken campag spoke/broken car

This was the weekend of Breakage…

Went for a quick leg-stretch on Friday and 10km into the ride my right Speedplay Zero pedal started feeling weird as if it was getting harder to turn. By the time I got to the top of the Hill the pedal was just barely moving and if it did, it screeched. This sounded a bit more serious than just a grease issue. I decided to role back the same way down the hill just using my left leg with the odd correction with my right on-top of the broken pedal.

Back at home armed with the toolkit, the pedal and spindle looked like this:




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Tifosi Tyrant 2 Carbon polarized photochromic sunglasses (grey lens) review

I’ve had the Tifosi Tryant polarized photochromic sunglasses for a year now. I bought them because my previous Rudy Project glasses over time had:

A) Mono-lenses snapped in the middle.

B) Rubber nose tips degraded and fell off from the metal nose-piece… you want how much for replacements?

C) The paint on the frame tended to peel/flake off.

So I bought the Tifosi’s due to their mixed marketed polarized and photochromic ability without breaking the bank as with other brands. They seemed to fit the bill, although the frame was noticeably smaller, but just about fitted snugly. The lenses didn’t darken to the degree of the previous Rudy Project optics, but they didn’t make me feel I had to get darker lens. I’m thinking these could be the main glasses and perhaps something darker for the ultra bright days. I liked the quality of the adjustable rubber nose-piece which is a must for those with a small nose. Anything with a rigid nose-piece or nose rest based on the frame itself just isn’t an option.

Tifosi-Tyrant smashed

I went out for a ride just before dusk 2 weeks ago and 2km away from the house put them in my back jersey pocket. 1/2km away from the house I descended at about 50km/hr and heard something hit the floor, I looked back in a split second and saw some rubbish blow across the road, I thought nothing about it. As I prepared for the next ride I couldn’t find my shades, then I thought about the dropped sound on the last ride and so rode out to the exact place were they probably where.

Sure enough, there they were smashed to pieces on the roadside. Two days of Spanish cars and fruit trucks had taken its toll, but at least the shattered lenses didn’t splinter… bye bye Tiosi Tyrant mrk1, but I thought, hey they weren’t the price of the competition and if I would have broken the more expensive glasses, I would now have that feeling like when you ride over a freak bump and almost semi-squash a testicle on landing…

The new 2014 Tifosi Tyrant 2 Carbon polorized Fototec glasses (grey lens) come boxed as:

Tifosi Tyrant 2 Carbon Polorized Fototec

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