Speedplay Zero pedal bearings replacement

Had a broken spindle bearing for a while now and finally got around to changing it, I’m of the type to DIY and understand how things work/wear out/come apart anyway:


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Broken Speedplay Zero needle bearings/broken campag spoke/broken car

This was the weekend of Breakage…

Went for a quick leg-stretch on Friday and 10km into the ride my right Speedplay Zero pedal started feeling weird as if it was getting harder to turn. By the time I got to the top of the Hill the pedal was just barely moving and if it did, it screeched. This sounded a bit more serious than just a grease issue. I decided to role back the same way down the hill just using my left leg with the odd correction with my right on-top of the broken pedal.

Back at home armed with the toolkit, the pedal and spindle looked like this:




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The Mini Cooper

This mini was driven from the UK through the Alps across to Switzerland, back to France through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Italy, back to Barcelona and down the east side of the Spanish coast to Murcia. Its followed the Tour de France through the Pyrenees, driven across Spain numerous times and over to Portugal. This is the story of a real Mini adventure and my own “ongoing-upgrades-restoration” with a Haynes Service and Repair Manual (Tools have mostly been sourced from the Internet having so many Imperial parts)…

Under the hood: