Speedplay Zero pedal bearings replacement

Had a broken spindle bearing for a while now and finally got around to changing it, I’m of the type to DIY and understand how things work/wear out/come apart anyway:


The bearings came with well detailed instructions off a well-known website…



First U clip was the easiest to remove:




The inner round clip however was the most difficult, the plastic cracked a bit, (also due to the age of the pedal bodies, the heat in Murcia makes plastics and rubber more brittle), wasn’t too worried about the damage because of it’s more of an experiment and pedal bodies are available for the future:



Removal of the bearings were very easy with the help of small sockets and re-assembly took a few minute with reapplication of loctite and grease:





The biggest weakness I still have with the Speedplay cleats is part of the yellow end shoulders snap off (the shoulders that keep the main U-clip in the pedal in its place). They are still the best pedals for bike-fitters, problems with knee-pain, but their high maintenance and cleat replacement come at a cost. Shimano pedals are still the best in terms of plastic cleat hardyness and ability to walk on them. Again it comes down to experience trying them out and finding the ones that are the most comfortable/ergonomic/cost etc…




On another bearings subject… I’ve noticed a bit off roughness and noise coming out of the Rover mini-cooper wheel hub-bearings on the front right side, possibly could be the transmission bearings in the gearbox. I’m hoping it will just be a wheel hub bearings swap-over. Interesting to see the quality of the Timken bearings on the left:




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